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The horsemanship course will teach you how to think like a horse. You’ll learn how to read body language, how to use proper timing, and more on how to make the right thing easy and the wrong thing more difficult.

The Earning respect course will teach you how to become the confident leader that your horse will trust and build a partnership based on mutual respect. You’ll discover how to become the “alpha” and create a willing teammate who is happy to do anything you ask, wants to be with you all the time, and obeys without fight or fuss.

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The Carson James Membership is $25 per month. It's a month-to-month subscription that can easily be cancelled at any time by either emailing us or simply calling and requesting to cancel.

The Desensitizing course will teach you how to desensitize your horse to anything he or she is afraid of. You’ll learn how to train your horse to be brave and allow his flight instincts to step aside and overcome his fear.

Member Prizes

Earning badges puts you in monthly drawings to win expensive, horse related prizes.

The Pre-Ride course is kind of like a pre-flight check for your horse. You’ll learn to identify and fix gaps in his groundwork plus you’ll discover which pieces of tack are right for your horse.

The Riding Basics course focuses on showing you how to create life in your horse, earn and keep his attention, and staying safe in the saddle. Additionally you’ll learn how to gain confidence in the saddle and ride without fear.

The Intermediate Riding course begins teaching you how to individually control the front and backside of the horse. This is where you’ll get good at speeding up, stopping, side-passing, and controlling lateral movements.

As you progress through the courses (and pass a short 10-15 minute quiz) you'll earn the official course badge. You can use course badges to help keep you motivated and continually improving your horsemanship. Additionally, you can share them on Facebook, print them, or put them on your website or blog.

The Advanced Riding course is where it all comes together. You’ll learn how to get better and faster at every element. Plus you’ll learn how to do things like spinning, sliding stops, counter arcs, transitions, lead changes, neck reining, breaking at the poll, and more.

Digital Versions Of DVD'S

And the Problem Solving course will show you how to solve almost every horse problem. These include Head tossing, Trouble crossing water, Rearing, Bucking, Spookiness, Herd bound, Lack of respect, Not paying attention, Going too fast, Pawing, Bad manners at feeding time, Laziness, Etc..

8 Step-By-Step Training Courses

You'll also have access to the digital versions of all my DVD's. So instead of spending $50 or more on each DVD, you can join the membership and have access to them all (there's actually more than pictured below).

Once inside the group, you can talk directly with me and ask me any questions if you get suck with anything along the way. Plus you’ll be able to discuss technique, problem solve, and get feedback from all the other members too.

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"This is really the ultimate program to quickly get VERY good at improving your horse and your horsemanship. It's simple, to the point, and laid out in a way that's easy to consume and digest. Try it out today and I personally guarantee that you won't be disappointed".

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